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Our School Programs

Our school offers quality teaching and learning programs for children and specialist teachers in Art, Music and Chinese.

General Curriculum

We offer a comprehensive curriculum for all students.  Our teachers offer a variety of teaching and learning approaches that are challenging and promote different learning styles to improve student achievements. We have a commitment to the effective teaching of literacy and numeracy across the curriculum.

Computers & Technology in the Curriculum

Our school infrastructure includes a fibre optic and wireless network supporting computer facilities in all classrooms which are equipped with electronic whiteboards, notebooks and filtered high speed internet.

Students regularly access computers in each classroom, as an integrated part of their learning in many curriculum areas. 



In addition to the core curriculum we also offer the following programs:

The Arts

We are fortunate to have the expertise of specialist teachers in Art and Music at our school which enable us to provide enrichment for children in the Arts through such special events as our end of year concert.

End of Year Concert

At the end of each school year we have a concert, held at the Narracan Public Hall where children perform plays, songs and musical items.  Children receive a book and a visit from someone special.  It is a fantastic night and a terrific way to end the school year.


 Music Program

Mr Cottrell, (with his dog “Bobbie”) teaches weekly music sessions that engage our students in drumming, ukelele, percussion and a variety of instruments.

In 2012, Mr Cottrell took part in a three day program called "Drumbeat". The DRUMBEAT program is run through over 500 schools around Australia.  

The acronym D.R.U.M.B.E.A.T. stands for Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes, & Thoughts". DRUMBEAT develops persistence, patience and

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Camps, Excursions & Incursions

Our curriculum has the added value of out of school excursions and extra curricula incursions such as the following:



Language Studies

Learning a language other than English (LOTE) equips young people to play their part in our global community.

Narracan P.S has a specialist language teacher, Jiefei from Lowanna Secondary College who teaches Chinese (mandarin). In 2012 our students' work was displayed in the Latrobe Shire Chinese and Japanese Cultural Festival at Kernot Hall, Morwell.




We run an effective transition program between our neighbouring secondary colleges and kindergartens to ensure that the transition of students is well supported.



Athletics and Interschool Sport Days

Each year we participate with other small schools in athletic events with  some students progressing to the Zone Sports.  All events are held at the Joe Carmody Track, Newborough  in Term 1.


Water Safety Program

During late term 4 we provide a water safety program that includes six, one hour in-pool sessions at the Morwell Leisure Centre.  Our school's 6 pool sessions do not negate parents' responsibility for continuing regular swimming lessons throughout the year, for the students to continue their water safety skills.

Our 2012 cost of $36.00 for the six one hour water sessions is very reasonable when compared to the normal cost of $11.50 for a 30 minute Learn To Swim session at a Latrobe City Pool. 


Sustainability and Sustainable Practices

Our school- based initiatives include recycling, composting, a worm farm, veggie garden and we will have chooks in 2013 to demonstrate how learning along with action can make a difference with Narracan P.S being a green school.

Religious Education

Religious Education is part of the school program.  The non-denominational approved course is taught for half an hour per week.  If you do not wish your child to take part in Religious Education classes, a note clearly stating this, is to be presented to your child’s classroom teacher.  Children not taking part in R.E. classes will be set other work tasks.